• You can send money instantly to Airtel Money Mobile accounts from Chitipa to Nsanje.
  • Please check that the recipient already has a active Mobile Money account.

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Low fee

We always charge the lowest possible fee and we have great exchange rates.


Safe and Secure

We use a 256-bit encryption and are fully regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority in Sweden (FI).


Convenient and Easy

The service is available 24/7/365 and you can reach it from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. 


Amazing support

Customer satisfaction means everything for us. If you ever need support, we are here to help.

TransferGalaxy is secure

Safe and Secure

Safety and security are top priorities for TransferGalaxy. We partner with world-leading telecom companies, compliance experts, payment providers and banks all over the globe to make sure your money is in safe hands.

We offer debit and credit card payments through Visa and Mastercard as well as safe bank payments from your local bank.

We are authorised by Finansinspektionen, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (inst. no. 45583), meeting the industry’s highest possible standards.

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