PEP Policy

According to the Act (2009: 62) on measures against money laundering and terrorist financing applies certain rules on the establishment of business relationships with politically exposed persons (so-called PEP). The Money Laundering Act defines the PEPS as "persons who are or have been entrusted with prominent public functions and those immediate family members and known associates". FFFS 2009: 1 contains additional rules.

Management positions covered:

  • Head of State

  • Head of government

  • Minister

  • Vice or Deputy Minister

  • Member of Parliament

  • Supreme Court Judge

  • Judge of the Constitutional Court

  • Senior official of the audit authority

  • Member of the central bank's governing bodies

  • Ambassador

  • Head of mission

  • High officers in the armed forces

  • Member of the State-owned administrative, management or supervisory

  • Person who have or previously held positions within the European Community or international level in positions that correspond to the above apply mutatis 


Relationship Conditions to persons above: 

  • Spouse

  • Partner considered by national law as equivalent to spouses

  • Children

  • Child's husband / wife or partner

  • Parent


 Others features:

  •  Known employees in driving or control of companies

By clicking on the button "Create Account", I certify that I truthfully and accurately have submitted information. I also certify that I do not have or had a high political office or government office or a related/associate of a person with such a position, so-called PEP.