14 February, 2024

Morning Drummers of Ramadan: The Call for Suhoor

Ramadan is a special month where people reflect on their spirituality and come together as a community. One of the important customs during Ramadan is the morning drumming, called 'Mesaharati'. This wakes people up for the early-morning meal, Suhoor. The drum beats can be heard all around the streets, reminding people to pray and remember the blessings of this month. Let's learn about the history and cultural importance of Ramadan drumming and how Suhoor is significant.


The history of Ramadan's drumming

Ramadan drumming is an old tradition loved by Muslims all over the world. It started a long time ago when people used drums to mark the start of ‌fasting time. In the early days of Islam, the drum beats told people it was time to eat Suhoor, the meal before starting the fast.

As time passed, drumming during Ramadan became a big part of the celebration. Different drummers created unique styles and rhythms. Now, drumming during Ramadan is a special tradition that's observed all over the world. It's an important part of the cultural heritage for many Muslim communities.

The Ramadan drum has a special meaning and is not just used to wake people up. It's thought to have a spiritual power that cleanses the soul and brings people closer to God. The combination of tradition and faith makes the drumming an important part of the spiritual journey during Ramadan.


Ramadan drumming today

In today's world, Ramadan drumming continues to be a cherished tradition, observed with enthusiasm and devotion in numerous Muslim communities. While the practise of drumming during Ramadan has remained consistent, it has also adapted to the changing times. In many countries, professional drummers are hired to walk through the streets and wake people up for suhoor, ensuring that the tradition persists. These professional drummers often possess exceptional skills and techniques, captivating their audiences with their rhythmic beats and soulful performances.

In some places, kids like to make teams and walk around their neighbourhood, playing drums and other instruments to wake people up for suhoor. This makes‌ early morning time more fun and brings everyone together. The children are really excited and happy to be a part of the Ramadan celebrations.

Technology has greatly influenced Ramadan drumming. Social media and online communities are now important ways for people to share their drumming and experiences. This allows drummers to reach people all over the world and connect with different cultures. As a result, Ramadan drumming has become a way to bring Muslims together and celebrate their shared traditions during this special month.

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