Feedback and complaints

At Transfer Galaxy, we value your feedback as we always strive to develop our services.

Sometimes things go wrong and we really appreciate you getting in touch so we can try and fix it.


Step 1. Contact your local Customer Service team by phone, or email us at

Often we can fix issues on the spot, or will reply very quickly.

Sometimes we need to investigate further how to best help you, and will make sure we contact you within 15 working days.

If you wish, you can receive a response from us in writing.


Step 2. If you are unhappy with the answer or solution provided by the Customer Support team or if you wish to give official feedback or make a complaint, fill in this form.

You can also write to Complaints Officer, Muse Abdille, Transfer Galaxy AB, Osmundgatan 12, 703 83 Örebro, Sweden.


Step 3. If you are not satisfied with steps 1 and 2, you may bring a complaint to the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) or a general court.


As our HQ is in Sweden, this is regulated by ARN, which has an English version of their website here. 

Customers in Sweden can also contact Konsumenternas Bank- och Finansbyrå or your local consumer advisory service for further advice.

Customers outside of Sweden can also get in touch with your country's complaints organisation.