14 February, 2023

Ramadan celebrations around the world: a special time of year

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a faith, culture, and history blend. Muslims around the world come together spiritually to practise fasting and celebrate age-old Ramadan traditions, feeling a greater sense of unity and solidarity.

Let us take you on a tour of some of these beloved traditions through the lens of every corner of the world.

Drummers announce Suhoor 

In Turkey, it is a centuries-old tradition for drummers to announce the start of suhoor, the meal eaten before dawn during Ramadan. This practise dates back to Ottoman times, and is still cultivated to this day.

Firing Cannons for Iftar

One of the most popular and oldest living Ramadan traditions around the world is cannon firing, known as "Midfa al Iftar". Originated from Egypt 200 years ago, and still practised today across countries in the Middle East. "Midfa al Iftar" is a signal of the end of the day's fast.

The game of Mheibes in Iraq

After breaking the fast at sunset every day, the men in Iraq gather around the neighbourhood for the game of Mheibes. The game is similar to marbles, and it has been passed down through generations in Iraq.

Haq Al Laila celebration

The Ramadan spirit in the UAE starts with Haq Al Laila, on the night before the 15th Sha'ban (the Islamic month before Ramadan). Children dress up and go to houses in neighbouring areas to sing songs and poems. The most known song is "Aatoona Allah yatek bet Makkah Ywdekom" in Arabic, which means "give us something so God will bless you and give you more in return". Haq Al Laila is meant to spread awareness among the people and children about the importance of Ramadan. 

Chaand Raat - Night of the moon 

On the last eve of Ramadan, called "Chaand Raat" in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, streets are filled with celebration. As per Ramadan traditions in these countries, friends and families celebrate with desserts and sweet treats. Women and girls visit jewellery stores to get matching bangles and henna in their hands. 

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