8 June, 2022

Celebrate the International Day of Family Remittances with Transfer Galaxy

The International Day of Family Remittances is a day to honour workers who have continued sending money across borders to their families. Even in times of worldwide pandemics, economic hardship, and even natural disasters, they continue sending money to enhance the lives of their loved ones in their home country.  They work hard, reduce costs, and save so that they can send money to their families. 

According to the United Nations (UN), approximately 200 million individuals live outside their native countries to provide for 800 million people who are most reliant on them for survival.

We appreciate the selfless efforts that many immigrant workers make on a daily basis. The decision to relocate in order to better the lives of your loved ones takes a great deal of determination and courage. That’s why we, as a money transfer service, aim to assist immigrants in making their life a little easier.

We make sure that the money reaches its destination quickly, safely, and securely. We offer 0 fee* transfers during the entire summer, using the promo code TG22. We ensure your family gets the most of your hard-earned money.

*FX gains apply