10 June, 2022

Sending money during summer with Transfer Galaxy

Summer has a lot to offer, such as sparkling city lights, festivals, weddings, vacations with your loved ones, or relaxing in the sun. Whether you are planning for an exciting vacation or a peaceful staycation, we got your back! 


Why should you send money online during the summer with Transfer Galaxy? 

Here are the two main reasons:

-  For some, the warmer months might mean it is time to go on vacation with family or take a break from school. For others, it might be the ideal time for a significant event, such as a wedding. If you have a loved one getting married, but you can’t be there to attend it and want to send money as a token of love, then with Transfer Galaxy, you can send money fee-free* all summer. Let them know you are there for them even when you are thousands of miles apart.

-  There will always be something appealing about travelling in the summertime. Carrying cash with you while travelling could be stressful, but relax, we got this too. Travel hassle-free with Transfer Galaxy by sending money to your mobile wallet, bank account, or cash pickup points in just a few clicks; your money will arrive at your destination before you do.


At Transfer Galaxy, we ensure that the money quickly, safely, and securely reaches its destination. We offer 0 fee* transfers during the summer using the promo code TG22. Make the most of this summer by sending money with Transfer Galaxy. 

But wait, there is more to this! Even if you don’t like travelling during summer or want to explore the city you live in, we have got something for you. Enjoy your summer by inviting your friends to use Transfer Galaxy, and each of you will get a 250 kr discount. Invite as many friends as you want and get up to 10 discounts. (T&C applies)


*FX gains apply