25 February, 2022

Press Release: Mikael Karlsson new chairman of Transfer Galaxy

Mikael Karlsson has many years of legal experience of regulatory compliance and ethics at companies such as Telia, Klarna and American Express. He is now taking over as chairman of Transfer Galaxy to help the company grow and take the next step in development.


Mikael Karlsson is a lawyer and specializes in ethics and compliance with financial services. Most recently, he came from a role as Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at Telia Company and as Global Head of Compliance at Klarna and as Director, Compliance and Ethics, Nordics and Central Eastern European American Express. 


Transfer Galaxy makes an important difference in many people's lives when you need the money that relatives send via the service. I see a fantastic opportunity to contribute to strengthening, structuring, and expanding the company, says Mikael Karlsson.


Last autumn, Mikael took over the board and is now taking over as chairman. With his long experience in regulatory compliance and financial services, he will be important in navigating the Transfer Galaxy around international regulations in connection with the company expanding.


Transfer Galaxy has a robust and well-functioning anti-money laundering process and, as a percentage, invests significantly more resources in this than many of the major banks. It is a tightly regulated market where I can contribute my experience. I am deeply impressed by the company and look forward to working with the founders and the two primary owners Backing Minds and Alfvén & Didrikson, says Mikael Karlsson.


We are very happy to have Mikael Karlsson as chairman. He will be important in structuring Transfer Galaxy to take the next step in development - both internally and around the board's work and externally when it comes to international regulation in the financial market, says Yosef Mohamed, CEO, and founder of Transfer Galaxy.


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