23 January, 2020

Press release: Transfer Galaxy hits 100 million SEK in monthly transaction volume and introduces eleven new markets

Transfer Galaxy continues to grow. Last summer it reached a transaction volume of one billion SEK and most recently in December, it reached its goal of 100 million SEK in monthly transaction volume.

- We are incredibly proud of our customers across Europe. They trust us immensely to help them send money in a hassle-free way to their loved ones who really need it, says Yosef Mohamed, co-founder, and CEO of Transfer Galaxy.

At the start of 2020, Transfer Galaxy is expanding its service by introducing eleven new recipient countries. The company is now offering its service for digital remittances to a total of 37 countries.

- We are in constant contact with our users and listen to them. As a result, we are incredibly proud that we can now offer a broader range of recipient countries. It also means that we can help even more people send money home to their loved ones, says Yosef Mohamed, co-founder, and CEO of Transfer Galaxy.


Democratizing remittances

A large part of the world's population lives without access to financial institutions. Transfer Galaxy wants to democratize international payments and help make remittances cheaper, safer and smarter with their digital services. Now Transfer Galaxy will enable money transfers to a total of 37 countries around the world.

- When we ask our customers why they send money, the majority respond that they support their loved ones. This money goes towards education, healthcare, and food, says Yosef Mohamed, co-founder, and CEO of Transfer Galaxy.

The eleven new markets that can now receive money through Transfer Galaxy are Thailand, Gambia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and, South Africa. 

- We are always aiming to become the obvious choice for immigrants who send money from Europe, and therefore, it feels rewarding and exciting when we expand our offering, says Yosef Mohamed.


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