1 July, 2019

UNDP Sweden nominates TransferGalaxy as one of the 17 inspirations to showcase at Almedalen 2019

Our CEO, Yosef, has been selected by UNDP Sverige (Sweden) as one of 17 inspirations for how the business community can work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UNDP Sverige will have a showcase of all the 17 nominees that they have selected to represent each of 17 UN goals. We at TransferGalaxy are serving the first goal - No Poverty, during the exhibition, which will be on display during Almedalen 2019 (a democratic meeting place that everyone can join and co-create).

Here's what Yosef had to say during his interview. 

"When we ask our customers why they send money, a majority responds that they do it to support their loved ones. The money they transfer goes towards education, healthcare and food."

In an industry that has long been analogue, we saw a need to provide a solution for a large unbanked population around the world. By utilising innovative payment solutions, such as mobile wallets, we can send money to some of the 2.5 billion people around the world that lack access to financial institutions. 

We have now sent SEK 1 billion worldwide! Moreover, thanks to our automated process, we have saved our customers SEK 40 million in transaction fees compared to the average transaction cost to developing countries as per the World Bank. This is money going towards food, quality healthcare and a good education for some of the world’s most impoverished people. Each krona saved on transaction costs is a penny more in their pockets.

Read the full feature ((in Swedish) here - https://tgxy.it/UNDP-sw

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