15 June, 2017

Press Release: TransferGalaxy donates 50,000 SEK to fight famine in Somalia

TransferGalaxy donates 50,000 SEK to fight famine in Somalia

Fintech company TransferGalaxy chooses to donate 50,000 SEK to relief operations in Somalia, as the country faces a humanitarian crisis due to drought.

By donating the fixed fee from March and April, TransferGalaxy is able to donate 50,000 SEK to the charity Drought Relief Committee which fights the famine in Somalia.

- When we saw what happened in East Africa, it felt urgent to do what we can to help. Our hope is that this donation helps to create increased awareness among companies and individuals on the famine in region, says TransferGalaxy's CEO Yosef Mohamed.

TransferGalaxy's goal is to make it easier and cheaper for people to send money to their loved ones. The company was founded in 2014 by three friends who were frustrated over how complicated it was to send money to Africa. The company has chosen to focus on offering their customers the ability to transfer money online and currently provide remittance services from the whole EU to 17 countries, mainly in Africa and Asia.