14 February, 2023

Tips for safe transfers during Ramadan month

Helping people emotionally and financially is one of the core values during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Unfortunately, at this time of year, fraudsters tend to take advantage of the vulnerability and generosity of people. 

Here are some tips on sending money safely and preventing you from being a scam victim. 

- Send money only to people you know. With Transfer Galaxy, you cannot send money to any organisations, or unknown people asking for donations. 

- Avoid sending money to people who are asking for donations through any social media post, as it is a known method for fraudsters to retrieve the money.

- Always use your account and never send money on behalf of someone. 

- Remember to send your transfers early, so they arrive on time. The sooner you pay for it, the better it is for those who receive it on time. 

At Transfer Galaxy, we make sure that the money quickly, safely, and securely reaches its recipient country. Despite that, we offer 0 fee* transfer during the Holy Month of Ramadan using the promo code Ramdan24. 


*FX gains apply