4 April, 2022

Healthy Foods during Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is the month of devotion, reflection, prayer, and fasting. To be prepared for the next day of fasting, eating well between Iftar and suhoor is crucial. Breaking the fast with dates has always been a Ramadan tradition. It is beneficial because they are high in sugar and vitamins such as potassium and magnesium and are an excellent fibre and carbohydrate source. 

Water is your new best friend! To avoid dehydration, drink lots of water during the Iftar and the suhoor. Adding a few lemon slices or mint leaves would make you feel fresh and suitable for digestion. 

To have healthier and easier fasting, here are some foods you would want to add to your diet this month. We've compiled some famous Ramadan dishes from some parts of the world, as it is never a bad idea to have something different yet healthy.

Chebakia and Harira: Without Chebakia and Harira, Ramadan in Morocco is incomplete. Harira, a dish prepared with chickpeas, tomatoes, and lentils, is a nutritious and traditional method to break the Ramadan fast in Morocco. Chebakia is a little sesame biscuit coated with honey in the shape of a flower.

Ramazan Pidesi: Ramadan pita is one of the most unique flavours, and it is typically offered during the holy month of Ramadan in Turkey during the Iftar and Suhoor meals. It's prepared using wheat flour and sprinkled with sesame seeds and Nigella sativa seeds.

Nafaqo: This Somali word proves how healthy the dish is, as the word translates to ''nutrition.'' Nafaqo is the famous and most nutritious Ramadan dish in Somalia. It is egged stuffed potatoes with an excellent presentation. For a change, you could replace the potatoes with ground beef. Which is better? We can't decide!

Shorba: It is also known as the Arabic lentil soup and is the most popular in the Middle East. It is pretty healthy as it mixes vegetables and has high protein content. Most people have Shorba to break the Ramadan fast, which is an excellent way to start your Iftar. 

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