30 March, 2020

Transfer Galaxy sees an increased need for its money transfer services in the current crisis

Just before the spread of COVID-19 in Sweden, Di Digital visited our offices in Vivalla, Örebro and had the chance to sit with our CEO, Yosef Mohamed, as well as see our new offices.

In this article, Yosef discusses his journey as an entrepreneur having founded Transfer Galaxy with his brother Ali, and friends Khalid, Mustafa and Abdirahman.

Transfer Galaxy has grown since it began in 2014. "At the moment, we are a total of 46 employees, most of them based in Vivalla with a few based in Stockholm. Before the end of the year, we will be 75. In here we speak more than 17 different languages- from Swahili to Dari - to communicate with the target group who are immigrants living in Europe who want to send money to their home country."

Shortly after their visit, we started to see the spread of COVID-19 across Sweden and other countries around the world. Contrary to many other businesses that have been affected, Transfer Galaxy has seen a higher demand for their online money transfer services, due to lockdowns and the increased need for people to support their loved ones across borders.

To read the full article, follow the link below (the feature article is in Swedish).

Article from Di Digital https://tgxy.it/di

Article from Breakit https://tgxy.it/a723e