11 July, 2019

TransferGalaxy nominated for the Norrsken Impact 100 People's Choice Award!

We have been nominated for the Norrsken Impact 100 People's Choice Award. Norrsken Foundation recognises us at TransferGalaxy as a company that is making an impact on society through our service.

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Norrsken Foundation has nominated many amazing companies whom they recognise as #theimpact100. These are companies solving environmental and social problems using entrepreneurship and scalable technology.  

At TransferGalaxy, we're democratising international payments by making remittances cheaper, safer and smarter. We're making remittances as they should be. For immigrants. By immigrants.

Being far away from home when your loved ones need financial help is hard, but sending money to them shouldn't have to be. By utilising innovative payment solutions, such as mobile wallets, we can send money to some of the 2.5 billion people around the world that lack access to financial institutions. 

One can send money through our website 24/7, and the payment can be received in a Somali mobile wallet in as little as 10 seconds. The increased traceability and automated process enable us to offer our clients a service that is both safer and cheaper than the traditional way of sending money.

In just two years of full-time operations, our customers have sent over 920 MSEK through our platform, and we have helped them save over 38 MSEK on fees compared to the average cost per the World Bank. The money is going towards food, quality healthcare and good education for some of the world's most impoverished people. Each krona saved on transaction costs is a penny more in their pockets.

We aim to be the obvious choice for immigrants sending money from Europe to their loved ones abroad and to serve all of the largest immigrant groups in the region. 


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Please vote for us here - tgxy.it/VOTE.