4 April, 2022

Well being during Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is all about taking a step back and improving your own lives and also the lives of others. 

As Ramadan is the perfect time to focus on your well being, here are a few tips to follow: 

- Spend more time with your loved one!

Ramadan brings the opportunity to cherish the company of people you care about and spend time with your loved ones. Thanks to video calls, you can share your Iftar and Suhoor time with your families, despite the distance!

- Ramadan activities at home

This year, Ramadan can be different again for our families and communities depending on the COVID circumstances. But while staying at home, you can create a joyful “Ramadan atmosphere” by creating cooking activities and engaging the whole family members to prepare the Iftar and Suhoor meals. 

- Move, walk and breathe! Stay active

Yes, you can exercise while fasting. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during Ramadan and doing light exercises, especially before Iftar, could be one of the best ways to stay fit, but don’t forget that the most important thing is to have fun! 

Ramadan urges us to pause and think, pay attention to our loved ones, and be grateful. In this holy month, Transfer Galaxy brings loved ones closer and helps you stay connected! We offer you 0 fee transfer for any amount during Ramadan when you use the promo code Ramadan24. 


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