21 June, 2022

What is Eid al-Adha and how is it celebrated?

Eid al-Adah is a time of joy and peace when people get together with their families to enjoy, let go of old grudges, and form meaningful bonds. This festival highlights the spirit of unity and equality. Doing good deeds and spending good moments with each other are the most important values of Eid. 


How is Eid al-Adha celebrated?

Every year, in the spirit of Eid, the Muslim community celebrates giving in its most elegant form by supporting the weaker sections of society. Prayers are offered at mosques on the first day of Eid. The main tradition for Eid al-Adha involves sacrificing an animal, usually a goat or sheep, and sharing the meat in three equal parts – for family, relatives and friends, and poor people. Families buy new clothes and prepare sweets to present to relatives and neighbours, while adults give the kids' Eidi' money as a token of love. Family, friends, relatives, and neighbours come together in the name of equality, peace, and love, and socialising is a big part of the celebration. They enjoy a wide variety of dishes, which is one of the festival's highlights. Eid traditions and celebrations are almost similar in all the countries, as they have the same cultural approaches to the occasion.

It is a usual tradition to visit friends and family during this time and share the food. A large family gathering is the symbol of Eid in all countries. In Somalia, early morning prayers, visits to family and friends, and a few hours spent enjoying the sun and sands are all part of the day's festivities. In countries like Egypt and Morocco, Eid al-Adha is also known as 'Eid-el-Kibr.' People often wear traditional clothes while celebrating Eid in these countries. A lot of donations are provided to the underprivileged with generosity.

Eid al-Adha is the start of a season of barbecuing and eating. In Turkey, one might prepare "Kelle paca" soup; in South Asia, Biryani is an essential dish on Eid. Haleem, kebabs, various curries, as well as sweetened rice treats are popular in many parts of the Middle East.

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